All about flossing


Flossing is an essential part of a healthy oral care routine. Yet many people still ignore it. That's why we are happy to remind you of the importance of flossing! We'll give you the best tips on how to take better care of your mouth. Together with Smyle, we floss healthy teeth.

How important is flossing?
You probably don't realise it, but your teeth produce plaque between your teeth. Those bacteria can be dangerous for your gum health. If you don't remove plaque often enough, it can lead to bleeding gums or cavities. And the longer you refuse to do anything about it, the plaque turns into tartar. That's even harder to remove and you make it that much harder to keep your teeth clean. Visit your dentist regularly to monitor the condition of your teeth.

Dental sticks and interdental brushes could solve this problem. However, it is still quite difficult to really get in between your teeth. The distance between your teeth is narrow, so flossing is a great solution! What's more, flossing can also make your teeth whiter!

Step by step
Wash your hands
Since you want to be hygienic, it is quite sensible to start by washing your hands.

Coiling the thread
The length of your floss can be important and it is therefore recommended to use a thread that is about 40 centimetres long. Wind the two ends of the thread around your fingers. Make sure that one of your hands holds a slightly smaller section so that you can easily use that hand to floss.

Not too tight
Before you can start flossing, it's a good idea not to hold the floss too tightly. Hold it loosely for best results.

Gentle movements
Now the fun can begin! It's good to know that you should make gentle movements. If you move too hard and fast, it can damage your gums. Think about brushing your teeth. Brushing very quickly and very hard does not mean good brushing. The same goes for flossing. So take it easy and don't overdo it.

Bleeding Gums
Flossing can cause your gums to bleed. If you are flossing for the first time, or if you are flossing again after a long time, this is not a problem at all. The bleeding will go away soon. If it does not, it could mean that you have gum disease. We recommend that you visit your dentist.

As soon as you touch your gums, hold the wire in a C-shape around your teeth.

From bottom to top
Move the floss along your tooth from the bottom to the top and repeat this on the other side of the tooth. Remember not to hold it too tightly so it doesn't break.

Don't forget any teeth
Keep a rhythm and don't skip any teeth.

Tadaa! Now that you've flossed properly, you can go through life feeling good! Because a clean mouth is a happy Smyle!

How often should I floss?
After this explanation, you're probably thinking: "But how often should I do this? Don't worry, we know how to do this too. Most dental experts recommend flossing once a day. If not, at least try flossing a few times a week. As long as you use the right technique.

Smyle's dental floss
Together, we're going for the most natural and plastic-free oral care! We now have our own floss. You get this in a small glass dispenser, with a thread of 30 centimetres. Our thread is made of corn PLA, which makes the floss completely vegan and plastic-free! In the mood to floss now? Then choose vegan and plastic-free, choose Smyle!