The story behind Smyle's double protection


Did we already tell you that we're proud of our new tabs? One of the big reasons is that we use a combination of fluoride and a hydroxyapatite based formula to offer double protection. With an extra!

Fluoride you'll probably know. Our hydroxyapatite based formula is a new substance in dentistry.  

Hydroxyapatite was used in Japan for the first time in dental care! It is what your enamel is made of. So it's bio-compatible!

We improved our tab with our own extra's, we won’t bore you with all the technical details, the fact is that:

  • both ingredients remineralise your teeth. 
  • and where fluoride also fights off bacteria
  • our hydroxyapatite formula repairs and smoothens cracks in your enamel while whitening your teeth!

It provides double protection while taking care of yellow teeth!!

You don’t have to take our word for it; our tabs have been tested and proven to work by the Amsterdam Academy for Dentistry (ACTA).