Toothpaste tablets, or tabs, are on the rise. They are becoming increasingly popular. It's only logical, because they are new, have a fresh taste and are super convenient! Are toothpaste tablets new to you and have no idea where to start? No stress, Team Smyle is here to help you in your search for the best toothpaste tabs!

Toothpaste tabs

Times are changing now. Just as we used to walk down the street with our Walkman, these are now wireless earphones that play music from our phones. Where we used to think it was quite normal to ask for yet another extra plastic bag, we now think about these consumables. So will old-fashioned plastic tubes of toothpaste. 

We call tabs the "new way to brush," because these tablets reduce waste and pollution in several ways. Research shows that 87% of most cosmetics contain microplastics, even regular toothpaste is full of them. It also comes in extremely polluting plastic tubes. These tubes hardly ever decompose; you might just come across a tube you squeezed out as a child somewhere. In addition, there are always leftovers in tubes that add up to a huge waste. In order to solve all these different problems, we have introduced toothpaste in tablet form on the market. 

Without microplastics, sustainably packaged in reusable bottles, sent CO2-neutral in recyclable refill packaging!

Choice stress

There are now several toothpaste tablets available. So it's understandable that sometimes you just don't know. Here is a number of things you can consider when making a choice:

  1. Do they have a fine taste?
  2. Are the tablets and/or the packaging (micro)plastic free?
  3. Are the tablets animal testing free or Peta-approved?
  4. What is the foam content?
  5. Is the product suitable for sensitive teeth?
  6. Are the ingredients in it good for my body, my teeth and the environment?
  7. Can I choose between fluoride and non-fluoride?

Why Smyle is the best option

If you are looking for the best toothpaste tabs, the image below is also helpful. As you can see, Smyle has all the benefits for a good conscience. We are plastic -and microplastics free, have good lather, are suitable for sensitive teeth, contain natural ingredients, are academically tested and are vegan -and animal test free. We also offer you the choice of fluoride and non-fluoride. 

With Smyle, you can simply be sure of excellent oral care that is good for your teeth, your body and our environment.

Will you be brushing with Smyle too from now on?