Sensitive Pro - Toothpaste Tablets

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Sensitive Pro - Toothpaste Tablets

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per bottle - is enough for 1 month of brushing
Smyle Sensitive Pro tabs quickly relieve the pain of sensitive teeth and provide long-lasting optimal protection. 

Smyle Sensitive Pro contains active ingredients such as fluoride , hydroxyapatite and potassium citrate. These ingredients have proven to provide optimal protection against pain and sensitivity.

Enamel erosion and receding gums allow stimuli to reach the nerves in your teeth through small channels. Smyle Sensitive Pro closes the access to these channels and relieves pain when stimulated. You will notice relief within 1-2 days and after two weeks of brushing your teeth will be optimally protected.

Enjoy your favorite ice cream again without any worries, grab a piece of chocolate or take a sip of that hot cup of tea. Choose the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth, brush your teeth with Smyle Sensitive Pro. And make the planet a little cleaner.

1 unit contains 2 bottles with 65 tabs each (= 2 months of brushing together)


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Reduce Sensitivity - Cold drinks without the pain
Best natural ingredients -Made from the finest ingredients from nature.
No nasty chemicals -No SLS, no microplastics, no nonsense like with other brands. Because it's not necessary!
Plastic-free packaging -Paper refill sachets and shipping boxes, plus a glass storage bottle. Say no to plastic!
Recommended by dentists -1300+ dentists support Smyle and recommend us to their patients.
Scientifically tested and approved -Our tabs are independently tested, quality-approved, and proven effective.
Environmentally friendly -Smyle is the best for and of the world. From production to packaging and shipping, we do everything environmentally friendly!
Social -We're a B-Corp and act consciously. The whole world deserves premium sustainable oral care!


Reduce sensitivity
Strengthens Teeth for Longevity
Enhances Natural Tooth Radiance
Guards Against Cavities
Breathes Freshness into Every Breath
Combats Plaque Build-up


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Sorbitol: Makes brushing healthy and sweet

Calcium Carbonate: Kind to your teeth, but unrelenting for plaque, food remains and stains

Yeast: One of the ingredients that give the tablets their unique Smyle flavor

Potassium Citrate

Sodium Bicarbonate

Acacia Senegal Gum Extract: Helps to remineralize, super important for keeping your teeth healthy and strong

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Hydrated Silica: Do you like white teeth without stains? Then this is really something for you!

Mentha Viridis Leaf Oil: Can You Ever Have Enough Mint?

Limonene: One of the (now no longer so) secret ingredients that provide the Smyle taste experience.

Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil: All-natural mint flavor

Sodium Monofluorophosphate (1450 Ppm): Remineralizes, helps against cavities and weak spots, counteracts receding gums and prevents the first stages of tooth decay: a real all-rounder!

Magnesium Stearate (Palm Oil Free): This plant-based ingredient makes our tablets just firm enough for the perfect crush, brush, Smyle moment.

Hydroxyapatite: This mineral monitors and strengthens your enamel

Stevioside: All-natural sweetener

Menthol: For that wonderful aftertaste and fresh breath that we all love

Mentha Piperita Oil: Who doesn't love extra fresh peppermint flavor?



"Smyle has developed innovative products that are environmentally friendly and effective, aligning with targeted preventive care."

Hero Abdullah, Five25 Dental Hygienists



Verified Smyle Users

Verified Smyle Users

Verified Smyle Users

Verified Smyle Users

Verified Smyle Users


1. Health starts in the mouth

No harmful microplastics, SLS, parabens, or plasticizers. Only the best natural ingredients for optimal oral health.

2. Recommended by 1300+ dentists

Smyle collaborates with over 1300 dental practices, and our toothpaste tabs have been tested for fluoride release by the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA).

3. Cleanest and smoothest teeth

Strengthens enamel and teeth, prevents plaque and receding gums.

4. No plastic pollution

No plastic tubes, plastic brush heads, or plastic packaging, but rather paper refill sachets & bamboo brush heads.

5. 100% Smyle guaranteed

We're so confident in our products that we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked.



CRUSH between your teeth

BRUSH with a toothbrush



After 1-2 days your teeth will be less sensitive, after 1-2 weeks your protection will be optimal.

In addition to fluoride , there are two more ingredients that actively reduce sensitivity. Potassium nitrate helps to drastically reduce irritation in dental nerves, just like the most famous toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth does.Hydroxyapatite blocks the entrance to the tiny channels to your dental nerves, making it more difficult for stimuli to reach there in the first place.
The Sensitive Pro Tabs not only help against the symptoms of sensitive teeth, but they combat the cause. That seems like a win-win situation to us!
Better for you, better for the planet!


More and more people suffer from it (30-60%). This can be caused by modern food such as soft drinks, but also by brushing too hard. Enamel erosion and gum recession are disturbingly common.

To address this growing problem, we developed Smyle Sensitive Pro Tabs !


Sensitive Pro Tabs

What are the causes and symptoms of sensitive teeth?

The life of someone with sensitive teeth can be characterized by limitations – careful selection of what to eat and drink, fear of the cold winter air or the heat of a fresh cup of coffee, and perhaps most frustrating, a constant search for a solution! Sensitive teeth, also known as dentin hypersensitivity, affects many people regardless of age or lifestyle. But the search for enlightenment does not have to be endless. Thanks to innovation in dental care, such as Smyle's Sensitive Pro Tabs, those suffering from sensitive teeth can find effective and convenient solutions. These toothpaste tablets provide a sustainable and convenient alternative to traditional toothpaste, specifically designed to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth.

Causes and Symptoms

Sensitive teeth occur when the dentin, the underlying surface of the tooth that contains the nerves and cells, is exposed. This can be the result of receding gums or erosion of tooth enamel, which makes the dental nerve nerve sensitive to temperature changes and certain foods and drinks. The result is a sharp, sudden pain that can range from mild discomfort to severe pain.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the development of sensitive teeth. You may be brushing too hard or with a stiff brush, which can wear away the enamel and expose the dentin. You can also consume too many acidic foods and drinks, which damage enamel. Gum disease, tooth fractures, and recent dental procedures can also lead to sensitivity. Even age can be a factor, as gums tend to recede with age, exposing the dentin.

How can you treat and prevent sensitive teeth?

The Importance of Oral Care and Preventing Sensitive Teeth

Maintaining good  oral care  can help prevent tooth sensitivity and manage pain. This means brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush,  flossing daily  , and limiting acidic foods and drinks. Using a fluoride mouthwash can also help protect your teeth.

But preventive care isn't just about reducing sensitivity. It also contributes to overall oral health, helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease and provides fresh breath.

Traditional Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

There are a number of traditional treatments for sensitive teeth, including desensitizing toothpastes and mouthwashes, fluoride gels and various dental procedures such as the application of sealants and fillings.

Desensitizing toothpastes and mouthwashes work by blocking nerve impulses, but they often provide only temporary relief and may take several weeks to take effect. Fluoride gels can help strengthen tooth enamel, but they must be applied by a dentist and the effect may be temporary. Dental procedures can provide permanent solutions, but they can be uncomfortable and are often expensive.

The Role of Nutrition in Tooth Sensitivity

Your diet plays a crucial role in the development and management of tooth sensitivity. Consuming acidic foods and drinks, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, coffee, and soft drinks, can erode the enamel of your teeth and expose the underlying dentin, leading to sensitivity. Conversely, foods high in calcium and phosphate, such as milk, cheese and yogurt, can help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

It is therefore important to evaluate your diet and make adjustments if you struggle with sensitive teeth. Try to limit acidic foods and drinks and replace them with more tooth-friendly options. In addition, you may consider using a straw when drinking acidic drinks to reduce direct contact with your teeth.

How do the Sensitive Pro Tabs work?

An Innovative Solution – Sensitive Pro Tabs

Given the limitations of traditional treatments for sensitive teeth, there is a clear need for a more effective, convenient and long-lasting solution. This is where Smyle's Sensitive Pro Tab comes into play. These innovative toothpaste tablets are designed to reduce the pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth, while helping to strengthen tooth enamel and keep gums healthy.

Each Sensitive Pro Tab contains a precise blend of ingredients carefully selected for their tooth-friendly properties. For example, it contains potassium chloride, an ingredient that helps calm nerve activity in the teeth, xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps balance pH levels in the mouth, and sodium bicarbonate, which cleans and polishes teeth without damaging enamel. And best of all, these tablets contain no harmful chemicals – they are free of SLS, fluoride and other potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in conventional toothpastes.

The Uses and Benefits of Sensitive Pro Tabs

Sensitive Pro Tabs are easy to use – just chew a tablet, brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush, and then rinse your mouth. They are also extremely portable and environmentally friendly, packaged in fully recyclable packaging unlike the plastic tubes of traditional toothpaste. Plus, they're effective, making them an excellent choice for people with sensitive teeth.

Ingredients of Sensitive Pro Tabs

Let's take a closer look at the main ingredients of Sensitive Pro Tabs and how they help reduce tooth sensitivity.

  • Fluoride : This mineral is a crucial ingredient that helps reduce tooth sensitivity. It works by strengthening tooth enamel and reducing pain impulses sent to the brain. This effect is particularly useful for people with sensitive teeth, as it reduces the sharp, sudden pain caused by stimuli such as hot or cold foods and drinks.
  • Potassium Nitrate : Commonly found in sensitivity toothpaste, this ingredient has multiple oral health benefits. The first is that it helps balance the pH levels in the mouth, which helps prevent tooth decay. Secondly, potassium nitrate can help calm nerves in the teeth, improving overall oral health and reducing the likelihood of painful reactions.
  • Hydroxyapatiet: Hydroxyapatiet is een bioactief materiaal dat helpt bij het verwijderen van tandplak en vlekken op het oppervlak van de tanden zonder het glazuur te beschadigen. Het helpt ook bij het balanceren van de pH-waarde in de mond, wat bijdraagt aan het voorkomen van tandbederf. Daarnaast kan hydroxyapatiet het tandglazuur herstellen en versterken, wat bijdraagt aan de algemene gezondheid van de tanden.

What makes the Sensitive Pro Tabs better than traditional toothpaste?

Comparison of Sensitive Pro Tabs with Traditional Toothpaste

It is clear that Sensitive Pro Tabs offer a number of advantages over traditional toothpastes. In addition to providing effective relief from tooth sensitivity, they are also more convenient, environmentally friendly and safer for long-term use.

      • 3 Double protection : thanks to the 3 ingredients; fluoridepotassium nitrate  and  hydroxyapatite reduce and eliminate the stimuli. So it not only helps against symptoms, it also combats the cause of sensitive teeth!
      • Ease of Use : The Sensitive Pro Tabs eliminate the mess and hassle of dealing with a toothpaste tube. Instead, all you need to do is chew a tablet, brush your teeth as usual, and then rinse your mouth. In addition, they are small and compact, making them easy to take with you when traveling.
      • Environmental friendliness : The Sensitive Pro Tabs far outperform traditional toothpastes. They come in fully recyclable packaging, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers. This is in contrast to most traditional toothpastes, which come in plastic tubes contributing to the global plastic waste problem.
      • Harmfulness:  The Sensitive Pro Tabs are also a clear winner in this area. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as SLS, making them a healthier choice for everyday use.

Sensitive Pro Tabs: the future of dental care

The innovation that Sensitive Pro Tabs represent is not limited to their unique size and formula. They also represent a larger shift in the world of dental care – a shift toward products that are not only effective, but also convenient, environmentally friendly, and safe for long-term use.

More and more people are looking for sustainable and natural alternatives for their daily care products. Sensitive Pro Tabs fit perfectly into this trend and point the way to the future of dental care.

To what extent do sensitive teeth really affect my daily life?

Tooth Sensitivity and its Impact on Quality of Life

Tooth sensitivity can cause more than just physical pain; it can also have a significant impact on your quality of life. People with sensitive teeth may feel limited in their food choices, experience discomfort when performing daily activities such as eating and drinking, and even experience stress and anxiety about potentially experiencing tooth pain.

With the help of products like Sensitive Pro Tabs, people with sensitive teeth can not only manage their symptoms but also enjoy a better quality of life. They can enjoy their favorite foods and drinks without fear of pain, and feel more confident in their daily lives. You want that too, don't you!?

Sensitive teeth can have a major impact on your quality of life, but thanks to innovative products like Smyle's Sensitive Pro Tabs, you don't have to suffer. Whether you struggle with sensitive teeth or are simply looking for a better, more convenient and more sustainable way to care for your teeth, Sensitive Pro Tabs are a great solution. Don't settle for sensitive teeth, try them today and experience the difference they can make to your teeth and your life.

Extra tips against sensitive teeth?

Additional tips from Smyle:

Besides using the Sensitive Pro Tabs, there are a number of other strategies that can help reduce the pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth.

Use a soft toothbrush:  A hard toothbrush can damage teeth and worsen sensitivity. Choose a soft toothbrush and make sure you don't brush too hard.

Avoid teeth grinding:  Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can wear away the enamel of your teeth, increasing sensitivity. If you grind your teeth at night, a custom-made dental shield from your dentist can help protect your teeth.

Regular dental visits:  Regular check-up visits with your dentist can help detect and treat problems early, before they lead to serious sensitivity.

The importance of a holistic approach to dental care:  Caring for your teeth and oral health goes beyond brushing and flossing. It involves a holistic approach that takes into account your diet, lifestyle and overall health. Good nutrition, adequate hydration, regular exercise and adequate sleep all contribute to a healthy body and mouth.

In the fight against tooth sensitivity, it is important to take a holistic approach, paying attention not only to the products we use, but also to our lifestyle choices and overall health. With the right care, attention and products like Smyle's Sensitive Pro Tabs, we can work towards a healthy smile that is free of pain and sensitivity.

Nu weet jij alles over gevoelige tanden!
In deze FAQ’s hebben we gekeken naar het probleem van gevoelige tanden, de traditionele behandelingen die beschikbaar zijn, en een innovatieve oplossing in de vorm van Smyle’s Sensitive Pro Tabs. We hebben de voordelen en de effectiviteit van deze tandpastatabletten van Smyle benadrukt en hoe ze bijdragen aan een betere levenskwaliteit voor mensen met gevoelige tanden. Het belang van preventieve zorg en de rol van voeding bij het beheersen van tandgevoeligheid is ook benadrukt. Kortom, de toekomst van de tandverzorging ziet er helder uit, dankzij innovatieve producten zoals Sensitive Pro Tabs.

Other questions?

We understand that you may want to learn more about the Sensitive Pro Tabs. Here are a few more specific questions, with quick answers so you can start brushing as quickly as possible and get rid of that nasty pain caused by your sensitive teeth:

  • What are the causes of sensitive teeth?
    Sensitive teeth are caused by the exposure of dentin, the underlying surface of the tooth that contains the nerves and cells.
  • How do Sensitive Pro Tabs work?
    Sensitive Pro Tabs contain ingredients such as potassium chloride, xylitol, and sodium bicarbonate that help calm nerve activity in the teeth, balance the pH levels in the mouth, and clean and polish teeth without damaging enamel.
  • How do I use Sensitive Pro Tabs?
    All you have to do is chew a tablet, brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush, and then rinse your mouth.
  • What makes Sensitive Pro Tabs better than traditional toothpaste?
    Sensitive Pro Tabs are more convenient, environmentally friendly and safer for long-term use than traditional toothpaste. They are also effective in reducing tooth sensitivity.
  • Are Sensitive Pro Tabs safe for daily use?
    Yes, Sensitive Pro Tabs are safe for daily use. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as SLS and fluoride.
  • What makes Sensitive Pro Tabs environmentally friendly?
    Sensitive Pro Tabs are environmentally friendly because they come in fully recyclable packaging, unlike most toothpastes that come in plastic tubes.
  • How can Sensitive Pro Tabs help with tooth sensitivity?
    Sensitive Pro Tabs contain ingredients that calm nerve activity in the teeth, balance pH levels in the mouth, and clean and polish teeth without damaging enamel, which can help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Are Sensitive Pro Tabs suitable for people on special diets?
    Yes, Sensitive Pro Tabs are suitable for people with special diets. They contain no harmful chemicals and are safe for daily use.
  • Kan ik Sensitive Pro Tabs gebruiken als ik zwanger ben of borstvoeding geef?
    Ja, Sensitive Pro Tabs zijn veilig om te gebruiken tijdens de zwangerschap en borstvoeding. Ze bevatten geen schadelijke chemicaliën die schadelijk kunnen zijn voor je baby.
  • Waar kan ik Sensitive Pro Tabs kopen?
    Sensitive Pro Tabs zijn online verkrijgbaar via de officiële Smyle website, op de pagina waar je je nu bevindt.